The Minister of Commerce receives a delegation from the sister country of the United Arab Emirates 23/11/2022

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His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Affairs / Mazen Saad Al-Nahedh received a military delegation from the National Defense College in the sisterly United Arab Emirates.

The Emirati delegation included a number of economic figures and workers in the field of information technology in the UAE, to learn about Kuwait's experiences in these fields.

The meeting dealt with a number of economic, trade and technological issues of common interest between the two countries.
The Emirati delegation opened the meeting by inquiring about the most important goals and challenges facing the Ministry of Commerce in the current period.
His Excellency the Minister of Commerce stated that the ministry's current and future goal is to improve the business environment, work to ensure the availability of basic commodities, control their prices, and pay attention to the industrial aspect and industries related to food, water and drug security in particular.

Regarding Kuwait's plans to diversify sources of income and not rely on oil as a primary and main source of income, Al-Nahedh stated that Kuwait pays special attention to encouraging and supporting environmentally friendly high-tech industries.
From this point of view, the role of the Kuwait Investment Promotion Authority in providing and creating opportunities and providing the appropriate climate for the foreign investor was commended.