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Online Portal for Receiving Customer Requests

Incorporation of Companies - Kuwait Business Center

Online portal for Certificate of Origin Services

This service allows individuals and business sector of such as companies and factories to issue a …

Digital Platform for Trade Show Services

Temporary trade exhibition license

Electronic services for managing the commercial registry

Anti-money laundering and terrorism financing department services portal

The digital portal for managing people's companies

gate of precious metals management services

Gateway to the automatic licensing system for joint stock companies

The digital portal for real estate management

The digital portal for managing individual institutions

Real Estate Broker System


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Right of access to information

Construction Supply Services Portal, Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Automated Trademark Registration Services

Commercial Control Department Portal (Complaints)

Reconciling licensing and corporate activities according to the International Classification of Activities Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Consumer Protection and Commercial Control Sector

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Media Center

Announcement: Holders of commercial licenses for the activities mentioned below must review the Ministry of Commerce

Announcement regarding the final results of the examination for practicing the profession of accounting

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Announcement: brothers and sisters, auditors practicing the profession

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Announcement: The Committee for Establishing Rules and Procedures for Examination for Practicing the Accounting Profession announces

Notification on Registering the Actual Beneficiary’s Data & Steps to Register the Actual Beneficiary Data

Issuance of a ministerial decision regarding procedures for determining the identity of the actual beneficiary

Some key points regarding the procedures developed for identifying the actual beneficiary’s identity.

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Announcement: Regarding the location of the examination for practicing the profession of accounting

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Mr.Zyad Abdullah Alnajm undersecretary of the ministry of commerce and industry

His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Mr. Muhammad Al-Aiban issued a statement

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