Assistant Under Secretary of Technical Affairs and Trade Development




Simplifying work procedures in the ministry provided by service departments, supervising free anti-money laundering activities and controlling precious metals and real estate business.



  •  Supervising the implementation of the Ministry’s departmental services procedures related to the service departments in coordination with them and based on what is delegated from them, in order to simplify the Ministry’s work procedures.


  •  Approving plans, policies and operational programs for the real estate activity.


  • Supervising the real estate business and following up on everything related to amendments to its licenses and supervising them to ensure the implementation of the regulations and regulations in this regard.


  • Supervising the activity of controlling precious metals and technical procedures regarding receiving, sorting, and examining artifacts and precious metals to ensure that they comply with specifications.


  • Reviewing periodic statistics from the departments of the sector, analyzing the inferred indicators, and taking the necessary action in this regard.


  •  Coordination between the departments of the sector to ensure the integrity of their work.


  • Supervising the preparation of the sector budget, ensuring that it meets the actual needs of the sector's business, and determining implementation priorities according to the available capabilities.


Affiliated departments


  • Manage the commercial service center


  • Precious metals department


  • Real estate department


  • Department of Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing


Organizational Chart