Assistant Undersecretary of Technical Support and Planning Affairs

Assistant Agency for Technical Support and Planning Affairs


Supervising the development work, preparing an integrated information system and ensuring its implementation according to the approved regulations and systems.



  • General supervision of preparing an integrated information system and providing technical support for its implementation.


  •  Supervising the preparation of the sector budget, ensuring that it meets the actual needs of the sector's business, and determining implementation priorities according to the available capabilities.


  •  Reviewing the periodic reports and statistics received from the administration of the sector, analyzing the indicators derived from them, and coordinating between them to ensure their complementarity.


  • Supervising the development programs, improving the performance of the Ministry, developing the services it provides, ensuring the optimal use of its human and material resources, and following up the performance evaluation therein through an effective system of reports.


  •  Supervising the implementation and implementation of the approved development programs and plans for the state related to economic reform measures.


Affiliated departments

  • Department of Information Systems Center



  • Department of Administrative Development and Training



  • Office of the follow-up of measures to implement economic reform programs



Organizational Chart